About Me

I'm a Cloud and DevOps Professional.

In my career I have developed automation, processes and builds and maintained systems for multi OS, multi cloud and multi platform software, Web applications and Cloud infrastructure, System Administration (Linux & Windows), implementation of ALM tools and DevOps methodologies using open source tools and software ( Github!).

I've got experience mainly in cross functional teams whose responsibilities include multiple technologies, software stacks and architectures, but have also been in very focused single project Agile Teams.

I started my career at a multinational software provider which was a major learning experience from so many talented professionals in diverse fields.
Currently, I'm focusing on taking my experience to companies where I can use cutting edge technologies and make more of an impact.

I'm passionate and curious about everything technology and enjoy listening to podcasts regularly to expand my knowledge, among them:

I especially enjoy tackling new technical challenges and bringing the perfect solution for the problem, and I'm never shy of the cutting edge..

Professional Experience

My work experience over the years.

Equalum logo


I was the DevOps Lead at Equalum, as a "One Man Show".
Equalum is a horizontally scalable clustered Big Data Integration software for Enterprise customers.
My responsibilities were:

  • All Infrastructure components of Equalum.
  • Software Development of both Installation and Upgrade of Equalum using Ansible, Bash, Python etc.
  • All of our Cloud infrastructure in AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Cloud cost optimization.
  • CI/CD, General Automation, Monitoring and Logging via ELK Stack.

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Moovit logo


I was the Lead DevOps Engineer in charge of Moovit's API Infrastructure in Azure, and I joined Moovit to lead this project from scratch.

  • The Moovit infrastructure in Azure is a service in Microsoft's Azure Cloud and the service is known as Mobility.

  • The Azure Maps Mobility feature serves Moovit transit data to any developer on Microsoft's Azure Cloud.
  • In a few short months I brought the service from zero to Public Preview since May 2019.
  • I was also responsible for all aspects necessary to make Moovit's DevOps processes Multi-Cloud across both Azure and AWS. This included Python based Automation, Monitoring, CI/CD and general cloud architecture redesign.
  • As part of this project I redesigned the CI/CD workflow for the entire server side teams to be multi-cloud and identical across Azure and AWS.
  • A major part of the redesign was done working closely with Spot (Formerly Spotinst) R&D Team to develop a new software deployment tool from scratch that best met Moovit's tech stack and requirements.

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Controlup logo

Controlup - 1.8 Yrs.

As a founding member of the DevOps Team at Controlup, my main mission was creating automation and enhancing DevOps practices across all of Controlup software and services.
In my daily work I tinkered with the following:
Operating systems: Linux - Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat, Amazon Linux, Windows Server 2008-2016.
IIS Web Applications, Active Directory Schema Definition (LDIF) automation (wrote a nifty ldif syntax higlighter extension for Visual Studio Code).

Developed CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Jenkins Pipelines, Ansible, Terraform, Vault, Octopus Deploy and Visual Studio Team Services.
Managed source code in Hosted VSTS (TFS and Git), migrating new services to Git.

Defining monitoring, alerting and analytics using Splunk, Nagios and Slack.
Infrastructure Automation and Configuration Management using Ansible, Foreman, Puppet and Terraform.
Scripting in Python, Groovy, Bash, Powershell, Ruby and Javascript.
Automation of deployments and maintainance tasks on AWS Cloud services EC2, DynamoDB, S3, RDS, Redshift, EMR, Elasticache, Route53 using VSTS, Jenkins, Python boto3 libary and the AWS CLI running on and for both Linux and Windows OS.

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Hometalk logo

Hometalk - 1 Yr.

I was the sole DevOps Engineer at Hometalk.
My responsibilities have included ALM tools, server and database infrastructure and automation across the stack.
My major accomplishment at Hometalk was enhancing the Selenium test automation infrastructure by migrating it to Linux and enable multi-node parallel running of the Selenium functional tests.
The project improved reliability and speeded up the tests by a factor of 10.
This enabled the developers to have a much quicker feedback loop on features and as a result, software could be rolled out multiple times a day.

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Exlibris logo

Exlibris - 4 Yrs.

Ex Libris, a Proquest company, develops integrated library systems and other library software for the best universities and research libraries around the world.
I worked at Ex Libris for about 4 years in various roles. My main and most recent position at ExLibris was as Cloud Operations Engineer.
I was responsible for cross-platform builds (Linux 32 and 64 bit, Solaris x86 and SPARC and AIX), installation of OS level application layer across most of ExLibris software products.
Working on multiple and highly varying platforms and production environments, both on-premise at customer location, and in the Exlibris Private Cloud hosting many thousands of servers across multiple datacenters in 3 continents around the world.
This included third line application support and troubleshooting on the application infrastructure level.

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Yad Sarah - 1 Yr.

Yad Sarah is Israel's largest medical relief non-profit organization with over 5000 active volunteers at any given time.
It was a life experience working in such a special place that helps so many people on a daily basis.
My responsibilities included design and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM management systems for many of the organization's departments.
Additionally, this doubled as my mandatory Israeli civil service - שירות לאומי.

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